4 Simple Steps to Better Scripture Meditations: Guide, Workbook, and Journal

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Don't have hours to devote to prayer and meditation? Have you really tried to pray and give time to God only to be distracted and discouraged? Do you want a step-by-step plan that's realistic and fits your state in life? In this short book, 4 Simple Steps to Better Scripture Meditations, you'll find a proven way to meditate better and have more fruitful prayer times.

In it you will learn about:

1. Why thinking about your thinking is important.

2. How to use Spiritual Ju-jitsu against distractions.

3. How to join Jesus in the Scriptures.

4. Why you should form the habit of daily meditation.

With the 4 Simple Steps to Better Mediation you will begin deepening your prayer life in no time.  This revised edition also includes a 31 day prayer guide and journal.

Also available in a PDF version (no journal pages) with our Book Bundle A.

Daily Worksheets can be found here.