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A Carol for Lent?

You know the tune... It's the most wonderful time of the yearWith fish fries a smellingand everyone telling you "try giving up beer"It's the most wonderful time of the year.It's the pray-prayingest season of allwith weekly prayer meetingsand mission priest greetingsout in the church hallIt's the pray-prayingest season of allThere'll be stations for prayingand rosaries sayingAnd lovely desserts to forgoThere'll be sacrifice storiesand tales of the glories ofLenten times long, long agoIt's the most wonderful time of the yearThere'll be much ashes showingon bald heads that are growingmuch thinner each yearIt's the most wonderful time of the yearThere'll be folks a wonderingdo we fast on Sundayor is it a day to let goThere'll be lots of almsgivingwith rice bowls a...

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Big Game Give-away

It's time for another give-away.  Whether you are a football fan or not, we think you'll love winning one of these beautiful rosaries.   To enter, send an email with your team choice (Patriots) or (Seahawks) to  It's that simple.  We'll pick winners tomorrow at 9:00 AM EST.  Entries will be divided into two respective teams and a winner for each team rosary will chosen at random. Want a rosary like this but with your favorite team colors, start building one here. Good luck!  

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Catholic Schools Week Giveaway

In addition to the hundreds of rosaries we give away each year, twice per year we give away a large prize package to an individual, school, PSR or CCD program, or homeschool.  It's time for our annual Catholic Schools Week Giveaway.  Here are the details... One winner will be chosen to win a Giant Wall Rosary and 30 Single Decade Chaplets in our Catholic Schools Week Giveaway. This giveaway is open to all individuals 18 yrs and older, schools, PSR & CCD classes, homeschoolers, and homeschool groups. One entry per person. Additional entries are credited for sharing on social media. Sharing with your school group, classroom, etc via social media, email, etc is highly encouraged.  Just think, if you have...

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