The Pirate Coop

Posted by James Hahn on

I decided to finish the coop before it gets too cold here, snow flurries expected Monday. Last weekend I started putting up the batten (small boards covering the cracks/joints in the coop siding). I completed one side and began working on the other when I came up with the idea to make a observation deck for the boys to stand on and watch the chickens inside the coop. I had a bunch of scrap boards so I went to work. The result is seen here.

The boys loved it but it soon became their pirate ship. Shouts of "Ahoy" and "All hands on deck" could be heard throughout the hillside. Stick swords were brandished and the coop was taken over by the three young pirates. However, today there was a mutiny. After Captain mom checked for eggs and shut the door the inside latch closed locking the chickens inside. I think they are tired of us taking their eggs. I'll negotiate with them this evening. The pirates didn't much care as they continued their voyage on to distant seas with the chickens inside swaping the coop deck.

More puns are always welcome!

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