The Holy Women

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Friday September 22nd

Luke 8:1-3

My wife and I met in 1998 and we were married in August of 2000. In June of 2001 we had our first child. Our second child was born in September 2002. The third child came along during the big election of 2004. In August of 2005, after being married five years, we moved into our new home on five acres. Our latest child was born in July of this year.

The paragraph above gives you an extremely brief outline of our life for the past eight years. It highlights the big events that have taken place but it leaves out so much. I could write volumes on the little things. I could tell the story of how Nicole and I met online in a Catholic chat room, met face to face six months later at Franciscan University in Steubenville, or how we agreed not to kiss until our wedding day. I could fill pages with dreams, ideas, struggles, suffering, and joys that passed through our lives while raising kids in a one bedroom apartment in a small town. I might even mention the insane neighbors and the lead problem in the apartment. Or I could explain the struggles we went through in deciding how and when to build our home. There is so much that is missing from the first paragraph that those events fall to pieces in my mind with out all of the other stuff, the grout.

In today's Gospel I catch a rare glimpse of the "grout" of Jesus' life. To often I think of Jesus in this dream like state going from town to town without a care except to upset the authorities and bring about the Kingdom. I never give much thought to the basic things like what He ate. I never think of His favorite food. When and where did He sleep? Did He snore? Did Jesus buy His sandals or did someone give them to Him? When did He have time to bathe?

The Gospels tell me a great deal and all that I need to grow in my love for Him. Yet, I still like to ponder upon the simple everyday things of Jesus' life. Today, in the readings, I see that for some time at least, a group of women went with Him to provide for His needs. Yes, Jesus had quite a posse. But what the Gospel says is very interesting. Out of His love for these women, He healed them and set them free from their sins and demons. Out of their love for Him they dedicated themselves to providing for His basic needs. Love is motive in His actions and theirs. They are not trying to impress Him. They are not trying to "earn" a place in the Kingdom. They are simply doing what comes natural to one who is in love.

Lord Jesus, help me to recall the grout in my life and see Your hand there. Give me, I beg, the grace to remember Your great love for me and inspire me to love You more in return.

- "The Gospel makes special reference to the generosity of these women. It is nice to know that our Lord availed himself to their charity, and that they responded to him with such refined and generous detachment that Christian women feel filled with a holy and fruitful envy." Saint Josemaria Escriva The Way 981

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