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The End is Near, well, pretty near

Posted by James Hahn on

Thursday August 31st

Matthew 24:42-51

In 1999 I was searching the Internet for MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) and other basic survial tools. My parents bought a generator and hundreds of pounds of rice, beans, and popcorn (it was a good deal). We were preparing for the worst. All the evidence pointed to the almost certain probability that when the clock struck 2000, the end was at hand.

The MRE's proved to be too expensive. I probably wouldn't have thought so had something happended. I used the generator in 2005 to build our house and we just ran out of popcorn only a couple months ago so the purchases weren't a total loss.

In 1999 we were all so sure that with the advent of the year 2000 the world would end in a few months. But it didn't. The hype, the media, the hoarding of supplies, the run on generators and non-hybrid seeds was all for nought.

Two weeks ago the world went through another "end of the world" hysteria. Iran said it was going to give the world an answer concerning its nuclear program. The date given, August 22nd, coincided with a great Muslim holy day. Talking heads stopped talking and payed close attention to what was going on. Our family ate dinner out on the patio and regreted that we hadn't bought more wine for our "last supper."

Since the beginning of time men and women have been prediciting the end of the world. Some have given vague prophecies while others have given specific times and dates. Let's face it, it could be in another thousand years or it could be before you finish reading this. The real worry we face is not when the world will end but what state of soul will I be in at the end, either of the world or of my life. Jesus tells me, in today's Gospel, that I must be ready. I must constantly strive to live in a state of readiness for the end. In addition, He tells me that the way to be ready is to be doing what I have been commanded to do. Many may feel the urge to simply sit and wait for the end but this is not Our Lord's wish. Rather, He desires that I be faithful with all He has given me and He says, "Blessed is that servant whom his master when he comes will find so doing."

Lord Jesus, help me to live every moment in preparation for Your return. May You find me doing all that You have left for me to do. Help me not to grow lazy and comfortable thinking Your return is far off. Rather, give me the strength to withstand the lies of the devil when he wispers, "you have plenty of time."

-See, my children, some people pass their whole life without thinking of death. It comes, and behold! they have nothing; faith, hope, and love, all are already dead within them. When death shall come upon us, of what use will three-quarters of our life have been to us? With what are we occupied the greatest part of our time? Are we thinking of the good God, of our salvation, of our soul? O my children! what folly is the world! We come into it, we go out of it, without knowing why. The good God places us in it to serve Him, to try if we will love Him and be faithful to His law; and after this short moment of trial, He promises us a recompense. Is it not just that He should reward the faithful servant and punish the wicked one? Should the Trappist, who has passed his life in lamenting and weeping over his sins, be treated the same as the bad Christian, who has lived in abundance in the midst of all the enjoyments of life? No; certainly not. We are on earth not to enjoy its pleasures, but to labor for our salvation.
- Saint John Vianney

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