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Catching up on Pictures

Posted by James Hahn on

The boys found some berries to smash.

Nice glasses for #2.

...and #3.
My beautiful wife.

Catherine and her curls.

#6 is getting around a little too well.

A Sunday hike at Clear Creek.

#2 in disguise.

Homeschool on the deck.

#6 testing his climbing skills.

and doing rather well.

Our field trip.

Oh yeah, the common phrases from all the elderly folks there - "are they all yours?", "Shouldn't they be in...

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I think it means she loves him...

Posted by Nicole on

Notice how Daniel gets away as soon as he can. (Please ignore the screaming children in the background.)

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Lots of pictures

Posted by Nicole on

In the pictures at the top, Catherine is in a pony walker. She is beginning to tolerate this for longer periods of time. Hopefully it will motivate her to become more mobile because while she still suffers from hypotonia (weak muscles) she is also beginning to develop hyperwill(a strong will)...I made up that word. We are starting to catch on that she can in fact do a lot of things, but chooses...

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6 weeks

Posted by Nicole on

Daniel is now 6 weeks old and weighs somewhere between 11-12 lbs. He is starting to charm us with his smiles and the boys can't wait until he can laugh and play with them. Catherine likes to play with his hands (when she's allowed to get close enough) and tries to "pat" him on the head. The outfit that you see on Daniel in these pictures is the same outfit that his Dad wore when he was the same...

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What Daniel has been up to...

Posted by Nicole on

Daniel is now 2 weeks old and is doing very well. He now weighs somewhere between 8.5 to 9 lbs. He likes to eat...a lot. Here is a picture of Daniel, quiet, content, and I think he might be smiling a little.

He doesn't stay content for long though. Daniel is thinking somthing. I am not quite sure what it is, but it's probably something like this..."It's been 20 min. since she fed me...something's...

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