Pumpkin Porter

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As many of you know, I brew the beer I drink. I wouldn't have it any other way. I was at a Knights of Columbus social meeting last week and had a commerical beer with my dinner. I don't know how anyone can drink that stuff. Anyway, I have been carefully brewing my latest creation Hahn's Hobgoblin Pumpkin Porter. When I was cooking it it smelled like pumpkin pie and made the house smell that way for two days. That has been the only batch of beer that hasn't drawn complaints from my lovely wife. I finally bottled it after a month of letting it simply sit, relax and make itself at home. Of course I had to taste it even if it is flat and it was good! It was pretty spicey. I could taste the pumpkin pie spice and the cloves.

Thursday evening I bottled it and placed it in a dark room to mature and for the flavors to mix. I'll crack them open for Thanksgiving. Pictured above is the fermenter. You can see the remaining yeast and sediment on the bottom of the fermenter. I spilled a little on the counter while bottling, yes, I cried too. Strangely enough I thought the mark left by the spilled beer under the bottles looked like cousin Bucky on his tractor. Yet the spooky thing is that when I went to grab a rag to clean up the mess I came back and found the beer had somehow moved into this pumpkin form. IT'S ALIVE!!!!! And I can't wait to drink it. I'll let you know how it turns out. I also have five gallons of Hahn's Hoppy Red Ale brewing. I'll let you know about that too...

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