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Thursday October 19th - Saint John de Brebeuf, Isaac Jogues, and Companions, martyrs

Luke 11:47-54

Sometimes I just don't get it. I can read a verse over and over and not make any headway. This starts to make me wonder if I am really understanding, in the correct light, that which I think I understand. To follow Jesus and to keep up with His teachings and admonishments requires a tight grip and a lot of prayer.

A couple of days ago I read about Jesus using dishes as a way of teaching. When I finished reading I had a dim idea but was not satisfied. Not until I read and reread, prayed and prayed some more did His meaning start to sink in. Today's Gospel is very similar to that one.

Jesus points out that the prophets of long ago were killed by the "fathers" of this generation. Yet it is ironic that this generation builds monuments to those very prophets that the fathers murdered. Are they honoring the fathers or the prophets? Are they honoring the words of the prophets or the action of the fathers with their monuments?

Surely this generation would reply that they are honoring the prophets yet Jesus is accusing them of honoring the words of the prophets and the actions of the fathers. They have the hindsight to see that the prophets were of God but cannot see that they walk in their fathers footsteps. Like their fathers, the only prophet they will listen to is a dead one.

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