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Saturday September 23rd - Saint Padre Pio

Luke 8:4-15

The last word in today's Gospel is for me a frightening one. Perseverance, not only is the spelling difficult I realize its meaning. Jesus is telling me that it isn't enough to simply receive the word.

A few years ago I conducted my own little experiment with radish seeds. I planted some in soil in a flower pot and placed it upon a window sill. In a glass jar I placed some jelly-type substance that retains water and is often used for hydroponic growing. I placed radish seeds in this clear jar in this clear jelly. After a few days the seeds sprouted and grew both in the pot and in the jar. However, the seeds in the clear jar never grew more than that while the the seeds in the pot grew and were tasty.

What I discovered is that the seeds needed the darkness. It is part of what made them grow. My life is not always perfect and often I struggle with my faith. Yet, it is exactly then that God is working toward my growth. He tests me and builds up my "perseverance" through trying times. It is when I am comfortable that I stop growing.

- "The devil has only one door through which to enter into our soul; the will. There are no secret doors. There is no sin, if it has not been committed willfully. When the will does not consent, there is no sin but only human weakness." - Saint Padre Pio

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