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New Homebrew Beer Names

Posted by James Hahn on

Inspired by the Homebrew prayer group post I am pleased to announce a new line of beers from the Hahn Brewing Company....

Diaper Pail Dortmunder - big bold and beautiful. Plenty of crystal and victory malt flavors, topped with tons of hops.

Wet Wipe Weizenbier - wheat malt and hallertau hops make this recipe a summertime delight that is very easy to drink. Light body with a smooth aftertaste.

Stinky Stout - a dark ale with full body and flavor, with added malto dextrin you will get a creamy head of foam. Dark malts and grains provide for huge taste and aroma.

Red Rash Ale - a medium-bodied brew with a nice red hue. This recipe is as smooth as it gets.

Poopy Porter - a great dark ale combining crystal and chocolate malts for a great tasting brew full of flavor and body.

Diaper Bag Bock - dark in color, with a medium body and full of taste. This beer is a favorite in the springtime.

Feel free to suggest other beers. (Descriptions are actually from real beer recipies. I was encouraged NOT to make up my own descriptions)

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