I Want To Be Your Hands.

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Saturday August 19th - Saint John Eudes
Saint John Eudes


Matthew 19:13-15

Today there is a different meaning attached to the words, "lay his hands on them" especially when it comes to children. There are many times throughout the day that I am tempted to "lay my hands on" my own children. Lord, give me patience!

When reading Scripture I like to look for repeats. In today's Gospel this mention of laying on of hands is repeated. First, people, I assume parents, brought their children to Jesus so that he might "lay hands on them and pray." This shows me that these parents placed great trust and hope in Jesus. They knew their was something special about Him. They saw that He could deal with simple workers, great sinners, learned teachers, and even children. Second, the Scripture tells us that Jesus did just that, what the parents wanted.

Jesus' ministry was a hands-on ministry. Unfortunately, today we don't have this as much. Our culture has insisted that our faith be a private thing. So not only is an outward show of piety, like making the sign of the cross, shunned but a show of faith, like laying on of hands, would, for some, be offensive. This is sad considering the wonderful power of the human contact. If we couple this simple act of contact with fervent prayer God's grace is called upon in a undeniable fashion. I wonder what sort of graces are withheld from us because of our lack of faith in laying on of hands. Why should I care what the world thinks if I place my hands upon the head of my friend and pray for him?

Lord, give me the courge to pray and to imitate You. Remind me of the power that comes from both prayer and human touch. Give strength to my prayers and to my touch. Work through me and allow me to be Your hands. Lord, I come to You as a little child in faith and hope and with the certain knowledge that those who follow You will work miracles even great than those You worked. Lord, I would love, for an instant, to take the place of one of those little children and have You lay Your hands upon me.

- The air that we breathe, the bread that we eat, the heart which throbs in our bosoms, are not more necessary for man that he may live as a human being, than is prayer for the Christian that he may live as a Christian. Saint John Eudes

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