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Happy are you poor

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The Queenship of Mary

Hail, Holy Queen by Scott Hahn (no relation, for the hundredth time, geesh)

Matthew 19:23-30

I have struggled a great deal with the disciple's reaction to Jesus' words in today's Gospel. When Jesus tells them that with great difficulty will a rich man enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They are astonished and wonder who then can enter into heaven. This reaction was puzzling to me beacuse our society would consider these men to be living in poverty. They would be considered extremely poor by today's standards. Therefore it would appear that their reaction should be one of joy. For if it is hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom it must be easier for a poor man and since they are basically already poor, it would seem like they should be rejoicing. However, they are "astonished". In fact, they almost fall into despair wondering who then could enter? It seems to me that perhaps they thought that of all the people in the world who would be able to enter Heaven with ease it should be the rich. Afterall, they don't have to tend flocks or mend nets all day long. They don't need to devote as much time to phyisical labor and can therefore devote more time to God.

Jesus addresses their and my ideas together with His short response. It is impossible for man to overcome the lure of riches whether that person be a multimillionare or the homeless man on the street. Both have unhealthly attachments to the things of this world that they cannot overcome with out the grace of God. I believe Jesus is telling them and me that it doesn't matter whether you are Bill Gates or James Hahn, the temptation to cling to earthly things is the same and only with the grace of God can I tear myself away from those things and cling to Christ.

Peter is always quick to speak yet he is also quick to forget. Jesus had just finished addressing the rich young man and telling him that if he wished to be perfect he must, "sell what you have, give it to the poor...and then come follow me." Peter then speaks up and basically asks, "hey, we've done all that, what's in it for us?" Wow, isn't treasure in heaven and being "perfect" enough? What more do you want? I wish I would follow Peter's example more often, ask boldly! Because Jesus tells them what they will recieve for their faithfulness and it is probably beyond their wildest imagnings.

Lord Jesus, I do wish to follow You. I wish to place You in front of all the people and things in my life. However, like You said, I can't do this on my own. I need Your grace. Pour out Your grace upon me and wash me of the inordinate attachments I have to the things and people in this life so that I may obtain everlasting happiness with them and You in the life to come. Mary, Queen of my life, pray for me!

- Scripture says: The angel was sent to a virgin. For she was truly virgin in body, virgin in mind, a virgin by her special calling, sanctified, as the Apostle reminds us, in both mind and body. This came about by no unforeseen or accidental occurrence; she was chosen from eternity, foreknown and prepared by the Most High for himself, guarded by the angels, prefigured by the patriarchs, and promised by the prophets. - Saint Bernard (From the Liturgy of the Hours)
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