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Following Jesus

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Wednesday November 8th

Luke 14:25-33

Often we are presented with the modern idea that Jesus loves each and every one of us no matter what, even our sin. We are presented with the "open arms" Jesus who welcomes all and discriminates against no one. Yet, so very often we find that the Jesus of the Gospels doesn't match the Jesus of the day.

Today's Gospel begins by telling us that a "great multitude" (RSV) was traveling with Him. Jesus had a "great" following at this time but as often is the case with God, numbers are not what is important. Jesus turns to the crowd and gives a list of requirements for those who may want to continue following Him. If Jesus simply wants everyone to come to Himself, why would He do such a thing? Why would He place "conditions" on discipleship? In fact, three times in the course of 9 verses Jesus says these words, "cannot be my disciple." This is a curious way to speak for someone who is supposed to be open and accepting of everyone.

The truth of the matter is that Jesus is accepting of everyone. He loves each of us equally and totally without reserve, look at the crucifix if you need proof. However, it is we who are not always accepting of Him nor do we always love Him without reserve, look at the crucifix if you need proof.

The Christian life is difficult but it is not impossible. With this Gospel Jesus invites us to stop, take stock of our life, and decide for him. This decision for Him, however, involves total devotion to Him even to the point of putting aside family ties and worldly possessions. He gave up everything for you and asks that you give up everything for Him. You can do it, with God's grace you can!

FROM THE SAINTS - "In this world, let us love everyone, even though he be our enemy; but let us hate him who opposes us on our way to God, though he be our relative.... We should, then love our neighbor; we should have charity towards all - towards relatives and towards strangers - but without separating ourselves from the love of God out of love for them." - Pope Saint Gregory the Great

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