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Cousin Bucky

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There's nothing better than having family over except maybe having them leave. This is my cousin Bucky. Of course his real name is Walter William Hetsted but we call him bucky for short. Bucky is a great guy to have around when you need a dose of humility because nothing is sacred or off limits to Bucky.

The last time he stopped by for a visit my wife was still pregnant. She was past due by a couple days and Bucky had a list of ways to induce labor. Needless to say we had to send the kids outside to play. He's a great guy but one of those people who just "doesn't get it" if you know what I mean.

Today he was with the boys checking out the chickens and the coop. He caught one of the hens and placed her on his head. He had his hat on, thank goodness, but that chicken was scared to death and wouldn't do anything but try to keep her balance as Bucky danced around the yard much to the children's delight. Thankfully our neighbors live a few hundred yards away.

After the chicken dance he took the boys down over the hill for awhile. I walked out on the deck to see if I could locate them to call them in for dinner and I saw all of them crawling up the bank toward the house. When they were within range of the deck they sprang their ambush. Bucky and each boy had a hollow plant stem and they were shooting black pellets out of them like a blowgun. They were pellets alright, rabbit pellets. It was time for naps and time for Bucky to head home.

In today's Gospel James and John just don't get it. They are too busy thinking in a worldly manner. They see the Kingdom of God as one of power and domination and they want to be right in the midst of the action. They want power. They want to be in command. They want authority. What a shock it must have been to hear Jesus tell them that in order to be good rulers they must serve. Service is the Christian mark of power and authority. He who seeks power and authority must be the least, the slave, the servant of all.

This is a tough lesson and I am sure it was for James and John as well. It is against my fallen human nature to even desire to serve. Yet it is when I sereve that I am who Christ wants me to be. Especially when I am serving cousin Bucky!

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