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Chicken Hunter

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I like to try new things. I like to do things myself. This can be a bad combination in certain situations. Take for instance when I decided to build our house. I didn't know how to do too much except electrical work and painting. But I was bound and determined to build the house with my own two hands. Lucky for me, my father-in-law came from Louisiana and helped me lay up the block foundation. After doing that I was content to allow others to pitch in and help finish the project.

Last fall I began making my own beer. My brother gave me the kit and tools because he didn't have time to make it. I really think he just wanted me to do the work so he could reap the rewards! Yes, he is a priest, how did you guess? Just joking Father. I really enjoy making it and have made my own beer for over a year now.

Tomorrow I am about to embark on something completely new. I have no real idea on how to do it, except for the ten books I've browsed covering the subject. I am going into a territory that no one I know of has gone into since my grandparents days. I will rise bright and early before the sun rises begin butchering our chickens, our roosters to be exact, all 19 of them to be really exact. Yes, that's right, a one and a nine, 19. Imagine yourself staying with the Hahn family on a cool fall weekend. The windows are open at night so you might listen to the crickets and other bugs in the night sing you softly to sleep. Somewhere up the hollow an owl hoots but you are at peace with God and your surroundings. Then somewhere in the mist before the sun crests the hills on the east side of the house you hear 19 roosters cock-a-doodle-dooing and it doesn't stop all day long.

I don't know if I am ready to do this but my two oldest boys are absolutely excited to the point of not wanting to go to sleep. In fact for the past week they have been bugging me, "Dad, when are we going to kill the chickens? Can we do it today? I don't want to wait until you figure out what your doing, I want to kill them." This usually comes from the oldest who was attacked by one of the roosters over a week ago. We had a talk about vengeance but I don't think he was paying attention.

So, how am I to tie this into today's reading? Good question.

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