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Wordy Wednesday Book Recommendation

Book Recommedation Conversion Prayer

16 years ago I was not going to Mass and didn't even know if I believed in God. My brother handed me a book that would forever change my life. It really spoke to me about living a real Catholic life and did so in the form of a novel that made it easy for me to read.

Before I even finished the book I was asking how I might go to Confession or at least talk to a priest.  This, after being away from the Church and living a hedonistic life for over a decade.

Many others have had the same experience. I'd highly recommend the book Pierced by a Sword to any of our Real Life Rosary family! Get it for FREE if you mail in an order form, $1 if you order online.  It's also available for minimum cost for e-readers like Kindle, iPad, etc.

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