Rosary & Dessert

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Over a year ago we decided to start a monthly event that we titled "Rosary & Dessert".  Usually the 1st Sunday of each month we open our home to friends, family, parishioners, and anyone else to join us for the praying of the rosary followed by dessert


We found it very interesting how God has worked through this time of prayer, food, and fellowship to bring people together from many different areas.  There are only a few constant attendees but so many others who come once or twice a year.  We've had religious sisters, priests, farmers, artists, tons of kids, and even ponies.

When we first began we were very frustrated that only one or two from our own parish would come yet others would drive an hour or more to take part.  Yet we soon realized that Our Lord and Our Lady are behind this and we are merely conduits.  We are there to be an anchor, a refuge, a place of prayer, fun, fellowship, peace, within a great natural surrounding of hills, streams, valleys, and the farm.

Through the Rosary & Dessert so many friendships have been strengthened or made, so many prayers have been offered, so much grace has poured forth.  Consider starting a Rosary & Dessert event at your home, or rotate hosting among a few homes.  You won't regret it.  Call us for ideas to help you get started!  

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